16 Jun 2013
Cowl work

Made the closeout panel for here.  It looks like it's just got the one bend... but it's actually got quite a few to line up with the various other surfaces it needs to meet.
and hey look, the outer panel fits over it.

Today's "thing I found that I'm embarrassed by" is the welds on the inner closeout panel, which leads to today's lesson: Don't have a fan blowing on you (and the weld surface) while welding, if you expect the shielding gas to shield.
Sprayed primer over everything.  My brushable seam sealer order is supposed to come in on Tuesday, so I should be able to button the rest of this up next weekend (and then start over again on the other side).

Not particularly happy with how these things look - need to get a better grinding stone and try again on the welds.  They ain't got to be perfect, but if I can see the welds on the thumbnail, they aren't quite good enough.
Primed those areas that were bare metal (on both sides).  Not happy with how the dash came out either - I'd have hoped that the wire-brush marks wouldn't have shown through quite this much; I suppose I'll need to sand and try again there.
I think the passenger side cowl is probably a little worse inside. Also found (was reminded of) a couple of other places on the windshield channel (front of dash) where there's some rust; still need to figure out what I'm going to do about those.   The plan for the floorpans is currently just to patch the rustholes (rather than buy new pans)... so cowl, floorpans, cowl rear, package tray... then back to the mechanicals.

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