17 March 2019
Rear Rust Repair, pt 4

Continuing the unending saga of the car that will end up made entirely of weld bead.

Here's what the driver's side panel looked like after cutting out the closeout.
And here is the pile of rust that used to be the closeout, with its replacement.


I am having feed trouble with the welder, or something else - it's not welding "right" and it doesn't sound correct as the arc flows.

Maybe it's the new wire (Hobart branded); maybe the new cylinder doesn't have the right C25 gas in it.  Maybe it's the tip or the nozzle.

Maybe it's the liner.

I replaced the tip and the nozzle.  Internet says Hobart wire is the good stuff.

So I went to my local welding supply store (Metroplex Welding Supply) and told them I needed a liner for a Lincoln, and this is what they gave me.

This is Tweco 42-23-15.

This does not fit my welder.

Unfortunately I cut it before realizing it was wrong, so we'll see tomorrow if they make it right or no.
<Image lost, sorry> This is what the end is *supposed* to look like. 

I've mail-ordered a Tweco 23-40-15 for significantly cheaper than what MWS sold me the wrong thing for.
More cab rust repair!  I failed to take an explicit picture here, you can kinda see the rust low and to the right in this pic from 10 Feb 2019.  I'll be patching in two parts because I'm lazy it's easier I don't have a shrinker/stretcher/brake.
Here's where I really started to notice that my welds were worse than usual.

Yes, that's saying quite a bit.
And even worse from the backside.
I can do little tack welds well enough as it sits, and a whole bunch of them were used to weld in this patch.

Still need to fix the rusthole on the rib, of course.
The jagged edge on the cut part kept snagging my pants so it needed to go.
The closeout for the wheelwell is done.  (not pictured: closeouts for the backside and bottom of the rocker)
Found a rustspot in the driver's side floor too.  Handled.
The rust around the bedside has been somewhat handled - still have some issues to work on and it's generally rough - but it's no longer rusted metal.

The square at the rail has also been corrected here.

Yes the welds still look like crap; I'm pressing on regardless.
Coated things with POR-15.
New MIG liner en route, new seam sealer coming. Bought wheels and metal to build the new welder cart, replacement plexi for the sandblaster, replaced both die grinders that recently failed. Plenty of honey-dos for the weekend so short update.

Not pictured: Think I got the AC box figured out.  The ACDelco tensioner that the Holley accessory conversion needs has arrived.

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