Interior rust repair complete.

Yesterday ended with the last patch being too short. Here I've cut out the rest of the rust. I didn't take another pic once I put the patch in.. I got too into fixing rust.
Next patch, I've cut the area out, created the patch, and I've started welding it in here. The metal is still the 16ga I used for some of the other patching. It's much nicer to weld than the 20 I was using before, but it's a pain to cut and a pain to shape. My Harbor Freight air-nibbler has broken as well now on the 16.
Again I got way into it and didn't take any pics in between. The patch on the right-front was a small rust-line that I ground out large enough to use of of the "strings" the air shears create as the patch.
One final spot here at the rear seat area.
It's done too.
And now the whole rear seat area is done.
Next up, the kickpanel.
This patch I did make out of the 20ga. Since the old panel was just spot-welded in, I just welded this around the edges. For the rusted area above the new panel I decided to use some of the POR putty I'd bought to take care of a spot on the Elky. I used some of the putty here, a few pinholes in the windshield channel, and the two small areas on the passenger door frame. Tomorrow or so I'll sand it down, we'll see how well it works.
Wanted to get rid of this fuzzy crap around the underside of the dash. Used one of those drill-mounted scotchbrite pads, went pretty quick.
Cleaned up the interior. The black splotch on the front of the tranny tunnel was a section of that tarpaper stuff that was everywhere originally. Scraped it off, wiped the area down with lacquer thinner to get rid of the adhesive remnants, and here you have splotch. The rest of the interior was vacuumed out (to an extent, my vac sucks)
Shot more epoxy primer. Pic 1: The door. There were four places that had been welded and ground, they now have paint on them. It's a blurry pic though.
Primer on the rear seat area. I don't know where my air nozzles have gone; I wish I'd been able to blow the area out before I shot the paint. I wish I'd thought about it before I shot the paint, for that matter. I got about halfway done with this area, and all of a sudden there was crap flying around and landing in my paint. Most of it isn't stuck to it, so it's ok.
Primered the area behind the rear seat also. I didn't grind the welds on the two patches. They're not too bad, and they'll never be seen. I didn't take a pic, but I also re-primered the underside of the dash where I'd removed the fuzzy-ness.
There are only three spots left to weld in new metal - the driver's trunk pan (which I'm going to have to buy a new panel and the brace that goes under it), and the two wheelwells. In order to do the wheelhouses, I needed the rear axle out of the way... so poof, it's out of the way.
Again with a blurry pic, but here's the back of the car without the axle in the way. Plenty of room to work under here.
This is the pass wheelhouse that I need to make a patch for...
..and here's the driver's side.
I guess it wasn't that big of a deal that I nicked the fuel line when I was making the patch for the pass front-of-trunk, since I had already cut completely through it when I was doing the rear seat pan on that side. I pulled the portion between the tank and this break out, since it wouldn't ever be used again.
The one with the longer hose is the actual fuel line that I have removed (see previous pic). The shorter line is for the vent, it's still there, I'll have to remember not to hook it up as if it were the actual fuel line.
I pulled the rest of the rear suspension out but did not take any pics along the way (sound familiar by now?). For the most part it went pretty well, one of the lower control arms was argumentative, but I eventually smartened up, drilled a small pilot hole in the tip of the bolt, and let the air-hammer do the work. Then I turned my attention to tearing down the rear axle.
Here's what I found once I took the cover off. It doesn't look too bad to me, but I am definitely not a trained eye.
I don't know if this is a good wear pattern or not. I ended the day by setting the axle up to drain overnight.

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