It's been a long semester - 15 hours, plus my job. Work on the car has been sporadic, but progress has been made.
Both mounts are done (if not tightened down yet). I've yet to get the pan-head allen-key bolts (M10-25) and the countersink to put the back plate-to-engine bolts in, but the holes are all in the right place. Pics and measurements to come once everything is complete.
Engine is level.
Happy to announce that the AC box fits without modifications. It's tight, but it fits.
Alternate view.
In accordance with this thread, I've got about a 2 1/2 degree nose-down angle on the engine. That really lifts the back of the tranny though.
I will have to open up the top of the tunnel here a bit more to clear. Will likely also need to cut off that ear before worrying about creating the new tunnel.
I can use my stock transmission crossmember, sorta. It's a few inches too low, but properly centered and the distance fore/aft works.
Yeah, it's about 4.25 inches too low. Not yet sure how to work around this.

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