21 Apr 2019
Variety Pack (4)

Thought I'd taken more pictures.

The repair-modifications to the AC box continue. 
Cut the hole for the clutch master, and test-fit the mount.
Since I don't want to try to figure out a rubber seal for the mount, let's instead adjust the body so it seals against the plate.
Oh yeah.  I forgot; somewhere in there I forgot how to weld?  These welds are abysmal and I still don't know why.
I also cut the hole for the wiring harness connector (2.5"h x1.85"w).  This also looks uneven, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

Tomorrow is junkyard for the remaining missing connectors.  Hopefully.
Turn attention to: Needle-scaling the rear underbody.  The needlescaler is a wonderful tool to remove dirt from the underbody and move it to my hair.
Rear bumper removed.  Brackets added to the "need sandblasting" pile.
The scaler is not nice to thin metal.  Note the needle-scaler-pin shaped holes.  Added to the "fix this" list.
More of the same at the back side of the driver's rear wheelwell.

These both fall in the category of "I need to get the welder working correctly soon".
Up to over the rear axle.  Note the rust holes in the brace.
From the underside, the rust holes in the bed behind the wheelwell are more obvious.
Another new hole the scaler has shown me.
Seems like I have some work left to do on the pass side too.

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