2 May 2023

My hand has healed up nicely, thanks for asking.
Found the big stainless trim in the attic, which counts as "clever" since it was definitely not in the part of the attic I would have expected.
Also found the missing corner bit for the back window buried on the workbench.  This wasn't clever at all, just unfortunate.
Ordered new windshield trim from Summit.  First set arrived damaged (long one was bent in half, two short ones were missing), second set as pictured.
Got weatherstrip from another company.  Removed the old weatherstrip, and the door is still really hard to open.  I see that 50 years of use has taken its toll on the latch here.
After a cleanup and lubrication pass, it works much better now.  New weatherstrip installed.

Pass door is still a little tough.  May pull that latch out and do the same to it.
The liquid filled gauges have leaked from the vent screw.  I'm sure they're fine, but I don't like the half-full look.
Per Autometer, "350CS liquid silicone" is the fluid.  You can't get it from them, but you can find it on Amazon.
This is the Trim Parts cowl grille set.  It apparently isn't quite made for my 69 El Camino - suspect it's for the ones that don't have the flap-thing in the cowl.
Simple enough to work around though: cut the tab off on this end.
The 4 speed shift indicator is pretty, but it's wrong, and I have a replacement.
Now it's pretty and correct.
The seat belt bolts are all 7/16" coarse.. except for this factory hole on the driver's side, it was stripped out.  Tapped for 1/2".
Not pictured:

I need to find the original wiper motor - not only do I need the ball from it, but I also would like to verify where the park position for it was.

The remaining to-do list, near as I can tell, is short:

I've probably missed something, but it's really not a long list.

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