3 Sep 07 In which I work on getting this engine mounted

(as well as replacing the power window motor in the Camaro, and replacing some clips, and doing other various stuff that won't be covered here)

The alternator fits. There will be no notching of the frame required here. That's a huge relief... there's a couple of inches free there.
Not quite so lucky on the compressor. It's not much of a notch required -- maybe one inch by three inches, and most of that is to clear the lines (and give room to remove/replace them).
I'll end up cutting at the silver lines. I could always clearance just enough so the lines didn't rub, where I'd have to remove the compressor to connect or disconnect them, but that'd be cheesy.
The lines themselves would take 1 1/4 inches of clearance, and that's just the thickness.. you'd want some wiggle room too (got to get a wrench in there to tighten)
Really didn't want to cut the fuel line off (funny, I don't mind notching the frame, but I don't want to cut this); took some persuading with a hammer to get it to scoot over enough to clear the compressor.
Next steps: The motor mounts are just mocked in there; they need to be firmly attached so I can get the mounts lined up perfectly. Driver's side is not so bad, pass side is horrible -- I was only able to get two bolts in, and they're not tight at all; and the rubber mount is not bolted to the frame mount correctly, I didn't have a long enough bolt. Once I've got the mounts mocked sufficiently, it'll be time to take the suspension out and get to notchin'. Frame cleanup and paint would follow.

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