6 Jun 2013
Cleaner and more shameful

Today was a good day to move a lot of the parts I won't be needing (soon|ever) to the attic.  I think I have most of a car up there.
Picked up some of the stuff on the pass floorboard (and moved it to the driver's side)
Found the firewall chunk I replaced this past weekend.  Figures.
I've got more rust next to the kickpanel, far forward (I patched behind it back in 2001 or so).  First new rust for the day.

You have to love the speaker mounting system there, with the metal just hammered in.
You can't really tell with the flash, but there's a lot of spots where daylight comes through here.  More rust!
I have a small hole in the bed, and some really embarrassing welds.  More rust, and shame.
More shame.
More rust.
I think I mentioned the bad paint... now that I've cleaned off the roof, you can see it.
I am not sure if that's rust far forward on this side or not.
I think I got good penetration on the firewall repair.
I'd love to say that I didn't know why my welds here look like crap... but I do know.  It was easier to weld along the side of the ribs as it kept me from missing the seam.  I didn't think about how hard it would be to clean up.
The shameful welds continue.
I'd had a 9-inch (complete) in the bed (unsecured) for a year or so, and it would slide around when I turned corners.  Here is where it did the damage - hopefully the stud welder/puller can pull this out.

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