Quarter continues!

Realized at work today that I'd forgotten something - namely, to paint the areas I wouldn't be able to get to later with POR-15. So, today started by cutting the tackwelds back off.
Metal was thirsty - there was quite a bit of paint required to cover all this. The ragged edge of the bottom of the wheelhouse was left unpainted just because of the fumes when you weld POR.. since I'll be installing the wheelhouse patches last, I'll be cutting and welding along here.
If you'll recall (check out the 16 Nov update if you don't) the driver's quarter was installed like a cap - just laid down on top and lap-welded. Since then I read about an alternate method - tack the new quarter over the old, and cut with a body saw (or a sabre-saw if you don't have a body saw) right at the edge.. then raise the inner up to be flush and butt-weld the two panels together. I decided to try this on the pass side quarter.. and wow, what a difference! Pictured here: a tack weld with the edges flush instead of lapped.
A series of tack (and short) welds holding the panel tight. With this method, it is important to make sure that the panels are kept tightly together - as you cut, you'll need to weld the panels together so they don't move around.
After welding all the way down, here's what it all looks like. It doesn't really look all that different from this shot of the driver's side, but once the welds are ground it'll be a lot easier to smooth.
Alternate view. Again, you won't be able to really tell the difference until the welds are ground. I need a new disc for the grinder.
Here's the front of the quarter. The large weld-blob is where I had notched the old quarter so hopefully I can pull out the portion that's been cut away. The yellow/brown/red blob above is a genuine "Super Shops" fender cover I used to prevent spatter from hitting the rear quarter window.
Here's a closer view of the back part.

Tomorrow I'll try to weld the portion of the quarter that folds into the door jamb. I wish I'd drilled holes to plug weld it.

Also need to weld where it folds into the rocker and the rear edge... not sure if I'm going to cut the rear edge out or just let it lap.. I guess failing to cut it would count as slacking though, eh?

I need to find where I put that rubber strip that goes between the wheelhouse and the quarter.. I'd hate for it to vibrate or something.

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