More working on the rear panel.

Spent Saturday installing the new tonneau cover on the Elky (see the El Camino pages for finished pic), and got roped into yardwork this morning. I did get the joy that was tearing out dead shrubs with a tow strap and a musclecar, and somewhere in there I did get the garage cleaned.
Check this out. This particular pic is from the 12 Feb 03 update; but pretty well sums up this area.
I did not take any in-progress pics, but this is what the net result is.
Then over to the driver's side. This is what I started with.
Started here by cutting out the exposed rust, leaving the support-brace under it.
Same view, from the inside.
Cut out the support brace. It needs to stick out from this point 1 1/2 inches.
So I made a panel from 16ga steel that stuck out 1 1/2 inches.
Welded it all the way around, top and bottom.
Cut a new panel to fit the exposed area. Used the cheap metal brake I'd picked up at Harbor Freight way back when (first time I used it) and it seemed to work pretty well.
Big, ugly welds where I burned through the first time, tiny dainty welds where I didn't.
Not really sure why I didn't take a pic of this area after grinding these welds... but they are ground, and it's time to move to the next area.

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