16 Jan 2023
Status report

This will probably be a more-wordy-less-pictury update that most of them; a lot of this stuff didn't photograph well or I just didn't take enough.

To start with the parts I did take a picture of:
Dome light installed.  I'm hoping a lot of these wrinkles work their way out once the car is outside.
Dash is mounted.  This was a pain - there's a lot more behind there than there was in the factory layout.. but it is done.

And really really dusty.
With the dash installed, it's time to verify functionality:


Started with pulling the appropriate fuses to verify they're good. 

Fuse H/G2, Tail Lps is good
Fuse H/G3, Gauges, also good
Fuse E/F5 (IP Lps) gets 3.2v for some reason. Next up - pulling the headlight switch out and tracing through what I expect to happen and what is happening.

(circuit numbers match the 2000 F-body circuit numbers):
#9 is park lamp feed enable, providing +12v there turns on the parking lamps (and the ding-ding-ding)
#44 is IP light fuse input, giving +12v there turns on both turn signal indicators and the high beam indicator

So in my application (the malformed hybrid of a 69 El Camino and a 2000 Camaro):

  1. Connect to ground to enable dome lamp
  2. This is the main power-in to the switch. 
  3. This is #44, the dash light output.  This goes through the dimmer rheostat.
  4. (not connected)
  5. This is #9, the park light feed.  It's internally connected to D but that doesn't do anything since D gets no wire.
  6. Headlamps out.  With the switch pulled all the way out, this connects to B.
  7. (not connected)
  8. This is #240, "Fused Input Feed".  When the park lights are on (switch in first or second position), it's connected to E and to then to C via the dimmer

This required some thought.  Moved on to the driver's taillight.  Bulb was obviously burned out.  Replaced, still no joy.

Next day, more investigation:  Pin B is constant power.  Pin H is switched power.... so with ignition off, that explains why no power goes to E and C.  Routed the power going to pin B to both B and H.  Now the switch does enable park lights and dash lights.

The driver's taillight has the park light but not brake.

Dash still has the turn/high beam lights on now, and when I enable park lights the tach/speedo/fuel gauge basically turn off.  Check the ground: it's not connected.  Fixed, and that took care of both the dash light issues AND the driver's taillight (don't ask why, I don't know).

Passenger front park light doesn't flash with flashers.  Pin was working free from connector, fixed.

Remaining issue: DRL is not enabling parking lights or IP lights even when it's dark out.

Confirmed that there is no output on pin C1-H (#9).  Did not think to verify that there was +12 on pin C1-A, circuit #240.  Instead decided that it must be a bad DRL module and went to my local salvage yard to get a replacement.  Replacement has the same behavior.  Next step: actually check #240, since it pretty much has to be the issue.

While I was making my way back to the donor for the new DRL module, I came across this "Jaguar S-Type R" (their high-end model for that year) with seats that looked to be in decent shape (remember that I need seats and glass to be a functional car)

I asked while paying for my DRL what they'd want for the seats: $150 for the pair.  Well hell.  Went home, grabbed tools, and when I started pulling them I noticed seat heater switches on the dash... bonus!

Pretty sure these are the 16-way movement seats.

I found a schematic online that reads like I can just give power and they'll work.  I have a fear of just doing so though, I do not want to trigger the airbags.
They are extremely dirty. 
First pass with a damp cloth helped quite a bit, and several more passes to come as well. 

Need to remove the remains of the seatbelts, figure out mounting, and get them wired up.  Did get a long stretch of the wire from past the connector so once I get rid of the airbag wires it should all work great.

I suspect they'll get powered by the switched power that no longer is used by the headlight switch.
I am *relatively* sure that the "Driver Seat Control Module" is attached to the seat. I won't get the memory since that's in the door but I don't really need it - I should be the only driver of this vehicle.

They may also be the 10-way but the wiring is similar on that diagram.

Seat heaters look to just take momentary switch as input, and light up one of two LEDs as output - no CAN or SCP bus required.

I'm excited to get the seats in.  Soon I'll need to order carpet too. 

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