24 March 2019
Rear Rust Repair, pt 5

Continuing the unending saga of the car that will end up made entirely of weld bead.
MWS was happy to swap out the incorrect liner - they didn't have an .024 one, but swapped the wrong one out for an .035 one.  I hadn't installed it yet here, which is my excuse for these welds.
A little bit of grinding helps.
Patched the gaps at the front and back, and then added the crossbar brace.
A center post to help give it some strength.
Strong enough to support me, at least.
Primed the well.
Time to install the new liner - this is the one I got mailorder (the .024 one); of course, I kinked it during install.

At least I had the .035 one from MWS.
Patched the middle of the <no idea what you'd call it - middle brace?>
Driver's side will be a little more involved.
.. and of course I failed to take any pictures in the "after" phase.
Filled the brace with POR-15.  Seemed the best call for protecting it once it's closed up.
Wanted to verify that the smuggler's box would clear the brace.  It does.
However, mine is no longer viable.  Add to the shopping list.
Patched a small hole in the pass side wheelwell (at the end of the mid-brace-thing)
Idea: let's chop up the crappy patch panel that was in the front of the bed to fix this rotted area.
An aside:  This Porter-Cable PXCM024-0275 is utter garbage.  This is the second one I've had fail with just an hour or so of usage, and both failed in the same way - the air inlet breaks off.
Also the head is not well secured; randomly reclocks itself during usage.  Will not be buying any more PC products.
Time to start patching that gap.  Seems to be working decently enough... which means it's time for me to be low on shielding gas again.
Powered through despite the low gas.  They're not pretty welds, but I've not shown you pretty welds yet so I'd hope your expectations were correctly set in advance.
One additional patch for the very end.  This one was an odd shape because it wasn't patched right last time (don't ask me why?)
Partially ground.  A reminder: It's not a showcar.  It ain't got to be a showcar finish.

I went to spray real paint in here, but apparently everything is old.  The "Chassis Black" can was solid.  The single-stage black's reducer can was bone-dry.  The old Chromacolor I'd painted the EC with in '99 or so both the reducer can was also dry... so I need some sort of paint for this.
Might as well put the lid on, for now.
New shielding gas tomorrow, probably.

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